Surrey Recycling & Waste Management Services Surrey

Ecogen provide professional and efficient, cost effective commercial waste management in Surrey and across the UK.

Ecogen operate several services for Surrey waste recycling.

As a specialist recycling waste company, we offer the following commercial recycling services across Surrey:

  • Secure document destruction in Surrey
  • Bulk paper recycling in Surrey
  • Business waste cardboard collection in Surrey
  • Bulk plastic collection in Surrey
  • EPS (Expanded polystyrene) recycling in Surrey

Our Secure Document Destruction Service in Surrey

If you’re looking for a confidential document shredding service in Surrey that will give you peace of mind, contact Ecogen. We will ensure that your organisation is responsibly disposing of confidential documents. Secure, confidential information destruction is vital for compliance with GDPR and to reduce the risk of data and identity theft.

Our confidential shredding in Surrey services include:

  • Destruction of sensitive documents in Surrey
  • Bulk shredding for office papers in Surrey
  • Disposal of shredded paper in Surrey
  • Secure and confidential shredding services in Surrey
  • Legally compliant confidential waste disposal in Surrey
  •  Secure shredding services in Surrey
  • Certificate of Destruction provided in Surrey

All documents are securely shredded within 24 hours of their collection from Surrey. Certificates of destruction are provided to assist with compliance to GDPR legislation.

Ecogen are members of SSIP and are accredited by the Information Commissioner's Office. This means it won't fall into the wrong hands, in compliance with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR). Our confidential shredding services in Surrey provide complete peace of mind that your confidential waste is being handled responsibly.

Our Bulk Paper Recycling Services in Surrey

Ecogen is a leading paper recycling company in Surrey. We specialise in all types of paper recycling. We offer a bulk paper waste disposal service to businesses across Surrey.

Our clients include offices, printers and mailing companies. 100% of the paper we collect is recycled, which helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Surrey Cardboard Recycling Service

Ecogen Recycling provides cardboard recycling services to businesses throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. We can collect your palletised bulk cardboard waste from your Surrey premises, freeing up your valuable yard and warehouse space. It is then processed for recycling at our recycling facility.

A large proportion of the waste produced by businesses in Surrey, is cardboard boxes. They are often discarded by companies following deliveries.

Cardboard is capable of being recycled 4-5 times! Our cardboard waste service in Surrey is professional and efficient. We recycle 100% of the paper and cardboard we collect, so why send it to landfill?

Ecogen provide fast cardboard recycling services and our hassle-free, low-cost cardboard collections are very competitively priced. We offer our cardboard recycling services to businesses in Surrey and throughout the UK including:

  • Cardboard recycling in Surrey
  • Bulk cardboard disposal in Surrey
  • Palletised cardboard recycling in Surrey
  • Cardboard recycling in Surrey
  • Card waste solutions in Surrey

Our Surrey Bulk Plastic Recycling Service

If your business in Surrey generates bulk quantities of plastic waste recycling, we can help. Our commercial bulk plastic waste recycling service provides an environmentally friendly plastic disposal solution.

We collect bulk plastic waste from businesses throughout Surrey, and we recycle 100% of the plastic we handle. This gives you peace of mind that your business' plastic waste is being recycled responsibly. When plastic is collected for recycling in Surrey, it is separated into different types of plastic. It is then processed into polymer pellets to be made into new products.

At Ecogen, our Surrey plastic recycling service offers fast collection of mixed polymer types and very competitive recycling rates. We accept mixed loads of plastic, including:

ABS Recycling in Surrey, EPS Recycling in Surrey & HDPE Recycling in Surrey.

LDPE Recycling in Surrey, PA Recycling in Surrey, PC Recycling in Surrey & PET Recycling in Surrey.

Redundant Plastic Packaging Recycling in Surrey & Plastic Film Recycling in Surrey.

PMMA Recycling in Surrey, PP Recycling in Surrey, PS Recycling in Surrey & PVC Recycling in Surrey.

We collect the following forms of waste polymers from Surrey businesses:

  • Baled polymers
  • Compacted polymers
  • Sprue Waste
  • Off Grades
  • Runners
  • Purge Lump
  • Regrinds
  • Skeletal Waste
  • Palletised
  • Octabins

Our Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Service in Surrey

Here at Ecogen we buy compacted expanded polystyrene (EPS) from businesses across Surrey. It is then recycled for future use as picture frames and coat hangers. We buy compacted EPS from a variety of industries, including retail packaging from white goods and chilled fish packaging.

Which areas do we operate our waste collection services in Surrey?

  • Waste management services in Woking
  • Commercial recycling in Guildford
  • Commercial recycling collection in Walton-on-Thames
  • Waste management in Ewell
  • Recycling services in Esher
  • Recycling collection in Redhill
  • Commercial recycling in Camberley, Surrey
  • Commercial recycling collection in Leatherhead
  • Waste management services in Epsom
  • Commercial recycling in Weybridge
  • Commercial recycling collection in Ashford
  • Waste management in Egham
  • Recycling services in Staines
  • Recycling collection in Farnham
  • Commercial recycling in Horley
  • Commercial recycling collection in Godalming
  • Waste management services in Reigate
  • Commercial recycling in Caterham
  • Recycling services in Frimley
  • Recycling collection in Cobham
  • Commercial recycling in Dorking
  • Commercial recycling collection in Addlestone
  • Waste management services in Ashtead
  • Commercial recycling in Chertsey
  • Recycling services in Oxted
  • Waste management services in Haslemere
  • Commercial recycling in Banstead
  • Commercial recycling collection in Cranleigh
  • Waste management services in Warlington
  • Commercial recycling in Lightwater
  • Commercial recycling collection in Hindhead
  • Recycling services in Witley
  • Recycling collection in Virginia Water
  • Waste management services in East Horley
  • Recycling services in Bagshot
  • Recycling collection in West Clandon
  • Commercial recycling in Whitebushes

Why use Ecogen’s Waste Management Service in Surrey?

There are many recycling companies in Surrey, but Ecogen offer market leading rates and outstanding levels of service. Our eco-friendly approach means that unlike some Surrey waste companies, 100% of the materials we collect are recycled. So nothing goes to landfill.

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