Dedicated account management, fast collection, secure destruction and recycling, and excellent communication throughout...
This is what you can expect from Ecogen.

Our Process

At Ecogen, we keep things simple.  We'll take the time to understand the recycling needs of your business, and then implement straightforward processes to ensure we collect and recycle your waste quickly and efficiently.

Through your dedicated account manager, we'll communicate with you regularly, proactively anticipating your needs wherever we can to ensure you receive the best possible service.

We'll help you to comply with GDPR by ensuring that our processes and procedures meet all applicable standards, and will provide certification of destruction to meet your compliance obligations.

If we buy waste from you, we'll ensure you are paid quickly and efficiently, giving you a fast return on your recycling.

This Is How We Work...

Get In Touch

Send your enquiry to Ecogen via email, phone or our contact form

Your Account Manager is Allocated

You'll be allocated a dedicated account manager, who will take the time to understand your business and requirements, and identify the best way forward

We'll Arrange Collection

We'll arrange collection from any location nationwide, thanks to our extensive transport network.  Typically, collection will be arranged within 48 hours of having received your enquiry

We'll Securely Recycle Your Waste

We'll recycle 100% of your waste in the most appropriate and efficient manner, with nothing being sent to landfill.  Where applicable, any documents containing personal data will be destroyed securely and in accordance with GDPR

We'll Certify Destruction

We'll issue a Certificate of Destruction to give you the peace of mind that all waste has been securely and appropriately destroyed and recycled

We'll Pay Quickly

If we've bought waste from you, we'll ensure fast payment is made

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