Cardboard Recycling Services and Bulk Cardboard Disposal in Surrey

Cardboard Recycling Services in Surrey

Ecogen Recycling provides cardboard recycling services and bulk cardboard disposal to businesses throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. We will collect your palletised bulk cardboard from your premises in Surrey, freeing up valuable warehouse or yard space, before transporting the waste to our site and processing the cardboard for recycling. Not only does this allow maximum material recovery, but it also enables you to reduce your carbon footprint and demonstrate your commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

Cardboard is one of the largest by-products of businesses, often discarded by companies following deliveries. Nearly 90% of all shipped products are housed in cardboard boxes; using recycled cardboard to package products instead of new cardboard uses 25% less energy and reduces landfill space by 9 cubic yards per tonne of cardboard.

Cardboard is capable of being recycled 4 or 5 times, so why send your cardboard to landfill when you can use our Surrey cardboard recycling services? Ecogen offer market-leading rebates for your cardboard waste – contact us today for more information.

Managing material wastes can be time-consuming, but cardboard is a prime material for recycling as it has already been processed once, with the fibres that it is made from having been processed from trees.

If your business handles a large amount of bulk or palletised waste cardboard, why not arrange for our fast and friendly team to collect your commercial cardboard? We offer our cardboard recycling services to businesses throughout the UK including:

  • Cardboard recycling in Surrey
  • Bulk cardboard disposal in Guildford
  • Palletised cardboard recycling in Woking
  • Cardboard recycling in Epsom
  • Cardboard recycling in Dorking

At Ecogen, we provide fast cardboard recycling services throughout Surrey and the UK. We recycle 100% of paper and cardboard, cardboard boxes and cardboard collected throughout the UK, and our hassle-free, low-cost cardboard collections are available at competitive rates. For more information on our cardboard recycling services, call us today on 01962 738 896.