Commerical Paper Recycling in Croydon

Commercial Paper Recycling in Croydon, UK

As a market-leading paper recycling company for Croydon businesses, Ecogen will collect your commercial paper waste from your premises in Croydon, or anywhere in the UK.

Our Bulk Paper Recycling Services in Croydon

Ecogen provides hassle-free, fast, and environmentally friendly bulk paper collection and recycling for businesses and public sector organisations in Croydon and the surrounding areas. Our commercial paper recycling service in Croydon specialises in paper and cardboard waste management solutions, with a dedicated team to help your company maximise the sale value of your commercial waste.

Businesses who choose Ecogen as their commercial recycling partner include printers, offices, and direct mail companies. Our specialist paper recycling in Croydon helps businesses like these to meet their corporate social responsibilities by reducing their carbon footprint. By recycling 100% of the paper and card waste that we collect, Ecogen can guarantee that nothing goes to landfill.

We Offer Paper Recycling for the Following Paper Grades in Croydon:

Printers' Waste

Regardless of the volume of paper waste your printer generates, we have a solution to help.

For small to medium printers, dolavs are a popular choice as they can be positioned besides the presses and guillotines and lifted off for collection and disposal once full.

For larger printers, air extraction systems linked to paper compaction or baling equipment is often an idea solution to save space and reduce mess.

Whatever your volumes or operation, we will work with you to maximise your operating space, reduce mess and optimise collection and disposal arrangements. 

Confidential Document Shredding

The data protection obligations conferred by GDPR mean that the secure and confidential destruction of documents and any office paper waste that may contain personal data is more important than ever.

Our GDPR-compliant document destruction service will help you to comply with all current data protection legislation, whilst also offering a convenient, efficient way to rid your office of paper waste.  Our Document Destruction page can tell you more. 

Brochures, Leaflets, Marketing Materials and Magazines

Many large retail companies overprint marketing materials, magazines and catalogues, with those not distributed rendered obsolete once the next issue is produced.

Ecogen will collect, shred and recycle these materials, ensuring that old and potentially inaccurate or out-of-date issues cannot be distributed in error, whilst also reducing your carbon footprint and freeing up warehouse or office space. 

Paper Reels

It's not unusual for ex-stock paper lines (such as out of date wrapping paper) to require disposal and recycling.  We handle all grades of paper reels, including paper with specialist coatings such as ink, silicone and wax.  Whatever your requirement, we have a solution. 


Paperboard is typically used to produce folding cartons, set-up boxes and carded packaging.  We'll collect and recycle all types, including:

  • Container board - used in the production of corrugated fibreboard
  • Folding boxboard - made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp
  • Solid bleached board - made from bleached chemical pulp, often with a mineral or synthetic pigment
  • White lined chipboard - usually made from layers of waste paper or recycled fibres, often with 2-3 layers of coating on top and 1 layer on the reverse
  • Binders board - paperboard used in bookbinding for making hardcovers

Fibreboard is also of interest to us, whether its printed, off-cut, redundant stock or over-runs.  Wherever possible, we will find an opportunity to re-use or recycle.

Why Choose Ecogen for Your Commercial Paper Collection and Recycling in Croydon?

Whatever your commercial paper waste requirement, Ecogen has a solution. Our dedicated team will collect your paper waste in Croydon whenever suits you, so that your working day is not disrupted by a badly-timed collection. Ecogen is also proud to be Grade A status for paper recycling, offering waste to the largest corrugated board and tissue paper mills worldwide.

Our extensive transport network allows us to collect your paper recycling from your warehouse or office at a time to suit you, before transporting it back to our secure site. Our paper recycling service not only helps your company to reach its sustainability goals by reducing your carbon footprint, but can also help free up space in your office, warehouse, or yard.

Ecogen's extensive recycling facility can process up to 70 tonnes of paper, plastic, and cardboard recycling every hour.

Most importantly, we offer competitive rebates for your commercial paper recycling in Croydon.

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Why Choose Ecogen For Your Commercial Paper Collection in Croydon?

Collection from Anywhere in Croydon

Whether your business is located in Croydon or somewhere else in the UK, Ecogen will collect and recycle your paper waste. With an extensive transport network and an experienced team, our commercial paper recycling service facilitates fast, hassle free collection of your paper waste in Croydon.

We Specialise in Collecting Mixed Loads in Croydon

If your facility produces mixed plastic waste, our team can help. We will never ask you to sort or organise your own paper waste prior to collection, saving you precious time and money. Our team can collect a variety of different paper grades in a single collection, making our pick-ups fast and hassle-free.

Fast Waste Collection from Croydon

Within 48 hours of receiving your request, your dedicated account manager will arrange for the collection of your commercial paper waste in Croydon.

Zero Landfill, and That's a Promise

Ecogen's commercial paper recycling service in Croydon gives you peace of mind that none of your paper waste is going to landfill. Whether you are reaching towards your next sustainability goal or trying to reduce your carbon footprint, our paper recycling services in Croydon are an effective way for your company to be more eco-friendly.

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