We collect bulk plastic waste from businesses across the West Midlands and Birmingham, and 100% of the plastic we collect is recycled.

Our Birmingham Bulk Plastic Recycling Services

At Ecogen, we collect bulk plastic waste from businesses across the West Midlands and Birmingham, and 100% of the plastic we collect is recycled. When plastic is collected for recycling in Birmingham, it is separated into different types of plastic and processed into polymer pellets that can be made into new products.

If your business generates large quantities of plastic waste, contact us today about our Birmingham recycling collections. Our commercial bulk plastic waste recycling service provides an environmentally friendly plastic disposal solution for your Birmingham based business, giving you peace of mind that your plastic waste is being recycled responsibly.

At Ecogen, our Birmingham plastic recycling services offers fast collection of mixed polymer types and very competitive recycling rates. We don't just accept rigid plastic, we accept loads of mixed plastics, including:

  • Acryclic (Polymethyl Methacrylate) - PMMA Recycling in Birmingham
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - ABS Recycling in Birmingham
  • High Density Polyethylene - HDPE Recycling in Birmingham
  • Low Density Polyethylene - LDPE Recycling in Birmingham
  • Nylon - PA Recycling in Birmingham
  • Plastic Film Recycling in Birmingham
  • Polycarbonate - PC Recycling in Birmingham
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate - PET Recycling in Birmingham
  • Polypropylene - PP Recycling in Birmingham
  • Polystyrene - PS Recycling in Birmingham
  • Polyvinyl Chloride - PVC Recycling in Birmingham
  • Redundant Plastic Packaging Recycling in Birmingham

We collect waste polymers from businesses across Birmingham
in the following forms:

Baled Polymers

Complacted Polymers

Palletised / Octobins

Sprue Waste

Off Grades


Purge Lump


Skeletal Waste

Why Use Ecogen For Your Commercial Plastic Recycling in Birmingham?

  • Collection From Anywhere in Birmingham

    Wherever you are based in the West Midlands or the rest of the UK, we can collect.  Our extensive transport network facilitates fast, hassle-free collection of plastics

  • We Accept Mixed Loads in Birmingham

    No need to spend your time sorting different polymer grades prior to collection - we accept mixed loads of plastic, saving you time and money

  • Fast Collection From Birmingham

    Your dedicated account manager will arrange the collection of your plastic waste in Birmingham, within 48 hours of receiving your request, clearing the space in your warehouse or yard quickly and efficiently

  • Nothing Goes to Landfill in Birmingham

    We specialise in the recycling of plastic waste, with 100% of the plastic we collect recycled or re-used. Nothing we collect from your Birmingham business goes to landfill, minimising your carbon footprint.

  • We Collect All Forms of Polymers From Birmingham

    Whether your polymers are baled, palletised or compacted, we'll collect. Octabins, sprue waste, off-grades, runners, purge lamps, regrinds and skeletal waste are also accepted. Your waste is our business - we'll collect regardless of the format

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