Cardboard Recycling

We use 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard every year in the UK.

Cardboard is a major nuisance in landfill sites due to its volume to weight ratio. In fact, cardboard can be recycled 4-5 times before finally being shredded for use as animal bedding. There is no reason why cardboard should ever go to landfill.

Cardboard waste is a by-product of many business processes and it has a value. Companies that produce significant amounts of cardboard for recycling can generate a return from this waste.

In order to maximise returns, it is important that companies review the way in which they recycle, how their cardboard waste is stored and how often it is collected. In many cases, a few simple changes can make cardboard recycling a cost neutral or even a profit generating exercise.

Ecogen Recycling has worked hard to gain Grade A status with the largest corrugated board and tissue paper mills in the world - ensuring you receive market leading rebates for your materials.